Night of Worship


Dear Friends,

Sometimes we go through seasons where we just need to have our spirits lifted. Life has a way of beating us down. King David of Israel was no stranger to bouts of discouragement and yet the scripture tells us that “he encouraged himself in the Lord.” I think this phrase best describes what the “Night of Worship” is all about. We gather for about ¬†an hour and a half and sing worship songs with a particular focus on the goodness of God and the glory of God. I am not sure how it happens but as we lift our voices together to the Lord in worship, the Lord lifts us up above our circumstances and refreshes our weary souls with his mercy and grace.

Come as you are, get there when you can. Bring the kids. We start around 7:30 on the third Saturday evening of each month and close the evening out with some fellowship around light refreshments. I hope to see you at the Community House this Saturday evening.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Tom

PS: The Community House is directly across from the church at 2091 Black River Road.


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